About Top Nutrition & Performance


Ken Roberts

Ken Roberts is the Founder of Top Nutrition & Performance and the greater of the Equip Nutrition program for tactical athletes. 

Ken has equipped tactical athletes with nutrition for performance for over 20 years.  He taught hundreds of Marine Corps recruits about nutrition for performance while serving as a Marine Corps Senior Drill Instructor, as well as trained and influenced hundreds of Marine Corps Martial Arts Instructor-Trainers, Martial Arts Instructors, martial arts students, and military police. 

Since retiring from the military he's helped Law Enforcement officers, martial artists, CrossFit athletes, competitive Obstacle Course Racers and other athletes looking to improve their health and performance through tactical nutrition.


Equip Nutrition was born out of necessity. When Ken was a Drill Instructor he went to school to become a Martial Arts Instructor-Trainer. There he learned about nutrition for performance. When he returned he began teaching this to his recruits, because he found that no other Drill Instructor team was teaching nutrition and ensuring their recruits ate the food they needed to be strong and healthy. The results were immediate. His platoon of Marine recruits were losing body fat, getting stronger, and getting sick less than other recruits. 

When Ken left the Marine Corps Recruit Depot he began ensuring all martial arts students, instructors, and instructor-trainers that he worked with understood how nutrition could improve their performance. Ever since then he's been impacting the lives of tactical athletes all over there world.