superfoods weight loss Apr 12, 2023

Katie Breazeale, MS, RD, LD


Superfoods is a popular term you read about in magazines or see posts about on social media. But what in the world is superfood and where did this all begin?


If you don’t already know the answer, you’re going to love this! It was engineered by a marketing team to sell more bananas. Oh yes, it wasn’t scientists or people in nutrition or medical staff. It was a team of marketing people who wanted to sell more bananas after World War I. Bananas were the first ever superfood and it would take over 70 years till another superfood came about.


Are superfoods real then? There are foods that have more health benefits than others and will help with certain diseases. Take berries for example, they’re promoted as a superfood due to their richness in antioxidants. That little fruit is great for your health! 


The key to success is variety in any diet. Superfoods are rich in nutrients. Top superfoods include:

           Fish rich in omega 3s

           Berries rich in antioxidants

           Dark leafy greens offering vitamins and high fiber

           Nuts full of protein and healthy fats

           Whole grains high in fiber to help with heart disease

           Beans high in fiber and rich in protein


Superfoods are nutritious, but the term is more about driving sales than creating a nutritious eating plan for you. Think about your whole plate verses focusing on one food. While superfoods are healthy, they are not the one all cure all. It takes your whole plate and your whole day to get all the essential nutrients you need.


Working through the weeds of propaganda and finding a healthy balance in your diet can be challenging. Need help, schedule an appointment today!

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