Top Health Concerns for Women

womens health Jan 18, 2023

Katie Breazeale, MS, RD, LD


If I were to ask you what the top health concerns for women are what would you say? Would you say obesity, breast cancer, or stroke? There are so many health concerns these days, but most are preventable with lifestyle choices and changes that may need to occur. Let’s look at the top health concerns for women.


  1. Number 1 is heart disease. It has been leading the forefront for years now and is double the numbers for other diseases. Heart disease is preventable with healthy lifestyle choices.

  2. Cancer. While breast cancer is at the top of the list for women, skin cancer is the most common cancer in the US. Lung is the leading cause of death from cancers at this time. Statistics show that uterine, colon, and prostate cancers are tallying up to breast cancer diagnoses when combined. 

  3. Stroke. Did you know 60% of deaths from strokes are women? Strokes can be from lifestyle choices and preventable. How to look for warning signs of a stroke? FAST Face drooping, Arm weakness or numbness, Speech problems, Time to call 911 because time matters when having a stroke. 

  4. Diabetes. This is when your body can no longer control its blood glucose levels. There are 2 types of diabetes. This can be managed with diet and a healthy lifestyle. For Type 2 diabetes it can help get you off medication and to a normal functioning level. Persistent high blood sugar levels can damage the body’s tissues, including those in the nerves, blood vessels, and eyes.

  5. Obesity. Obesity trends continue to rise. Currently a third of America is obese. This can be managed with healthy lifestyle choices and diet.

  6. Osteoporosis. One out of two women will experience osteoporosis in her lifetime. The earlier you start protecting your bones the better. Women’s bone mass peaks by age 30, making childhood and teenage years key for bone building. Prevention of osteoporosis is possible by getting enough calcium and vitamin D and strengthening bones with weight-bearing exercises.

  7. Depression. Depression is 2 times more likely to happen in women than in men. There was also an increase in cases due to isolation during the pandemic from decreased contact and interaction with other people.

  8. Reproductive health. Planning for a family or lack there of can be very stressful. Also, birth control, regular menstrual cycles, PCOS, and infertility issues are issues women can face.

  9. Menopause. There’s no getting out of this one, but we want this process to happen on time and not early. There are common side effects such as mood swings and hot flashes to name a few, but there may also be a shift in weight. This is manageable with healthy lifestyle choices.

  10. Autoimmune disease. There are a variety of diseases that can affect different organs and 75% of the time, they affect women. Roughly 30 million women in America suffer from an autoimmune disease. While these diseases aren’t necessarily preventable, early diagnosis is often key to managing them.


What a list! There are always concerns for your health, but some are manageable and preventable with diet and exercise. Routine check-ups, not avoiding warning signs, and making healthy lifestyle choices can help with these concerns.  Do you know what questions to ask you doctor, labs to look for, or diet and exercise that would benefit you?

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