Endurance Nutrition Handout

Choosing Fruits Handout. This handout is not an all inclusive list of fruits, but designed to help you make informed decisions about fruit portions.

Choosing Protein Handout. This handout is a general list of average protein types and their fat per ounce. Use this handout as a guide to choosing leaner portion sizes, and understanding how they fit in your eating pattern.

Choosing Grains, Vegetables, and Legumes. This handout is a guideline to calculate grams of carbs per portion sizes for cooked or uncooked.

Educational Materials for Sports Nutrition

Downloadable files for your healthy living.

Client Post-Race/Event Form

Seminar Feedback Forms

Client Pre-assessment Forms

Three-Day Dietary Record document is downloadable and can be printed. Be legible and detailed in your entries. Once completed, scan and email it prior to initial consult.