Martial Arts


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Both adult and teen classes available. Learning kickboxing improves your physical health and mental health.  It boost confidence levels as you improve, and that confidence transfers to other areas in your life. You'll have better coordination and balance, improved posture, more energy, and tone your body all at the same time.

Adult training is available on Wednesdays at 6pm, and Saturdays at 3:30pm.

Teen training is for ages 13-17. Teen training is available on Wednesday at 7pm, and Saturday at 2:30pm.

Martial arts Training

Martial arts teaches confidence and discipline. It helps individuals of all ages learn to improve their mind, body, and character.

Through practice improvements are observed in motor skills, balance, coordination, and awareness of what's happening around you.  

Through training the body is conditioned for improvements in strength, endurance, power, and speed.  

At all levels students learn hand-t0-hand fighting and weapons-based fighting. As students progress they learn to integrate skills in dynamic environments and against multiple opponents. 

Through such training the mind grows and is developed through the discipline of marital arts and value-based training that helps sharpen the mind and forges the character.

Martial Arts Training is available for ages 15+. Training is available on Saturdays at 1pm, and Sundays at 2pm.


Learning to protect yourself with physical contact is a last resort that most do not truly want to do. I teach the ABCs of self-defense, which help individuals use their greatest weapon first. Their mind. Students learn mental strategies as well as physical strategies and techniques to protect themselves, and those around them. Techniques include hand-to-hand, and defense and disarming of weapons.

Training can be conducted one-on-one or in group settings. 

Self-Defense sessions are by appointment only.

Wing Chun for Seniors

Wing Chun is a southern Chinese Kung Fu that emphasizes relaxation and flexibility while maintaining strength for self-defense, much like the flexibility of bamboo.  The soft wholesome force of Wing Chun utilizes techniques in a relaxed manner, by training physical, mental, breathing, energy and force. 

During class we practice the slow controlled forms of Wing Chun; Siu Nim Tau (Little Idea), Cham Kiu (Seeking Bridge), and Biu Ji (Thrusting Fingers). The empty hand forms are foundational to techniques, movement, balance, and defense.

Chi Sau (Sticky Hands) is a bridge between practice and application, it is in a sense, physical chess. Chi Sau helps develop technique and respond instantly to changing or unknown circumstances by feeling the intention of your partner (opponent). It is also an excellent way to develop balance, flexibility, coordinator, and strength in a fun and relaxed environment.

During our Wing Chun for Seniors class we will spend each class working through the Forms of Wing Chun, and then practice Chi Sau with each other. 

Classes begin in May, and will be held on Tuesday and Thursday’s mornings at 9am.