Nutrition Coaching

Top Nutrition and Performance recognizes there is more to training for a competition than sweating. Nutrition is often an overlooked portion of training that many don’t know how to tackle properly. With the internet pointing you in all directions using fad diets, we are here to put this wandering to rest. We provide nutrition coaching opportunities for those training for athletic competitions as well as those simply looking to live a healthier lifestyle.

Maybe you’ve got an idea of what to eat, but aren’t sure of how much you should actually be eating.

Our nutrition staff can help. Nutrition Coaching includes InBody Body Composition analysis, weight management programs, sports nutrition, menu planning, and is available for individuals or families.

Nutrition Coaching sessions are available in person, on the phone, or via video chat.  

During the nutrition coaching sessions we will address your questions and concerns. We’ll discuss strategies to help overcome barriers that may prevent your success. Together we’ll craft an individualized plan that matches your goals.



The InBody Body Composition Analysis accurately records a person’s weight, lean body mass, body fat, and where each is distributed in the body.

Muscle-Fat Analysis tells clients whether they have a healthy balance of skeletal muscle mass to body fat mass.

We can determine how much muscle is in each part of your body, and correct muscle imbalances.

Our staff can help develop a specific plan to improve body composition for health and sports performance.

Over time we can accurately track changes to each measurement to show results of nutrition and performance coaching.