“Ken at Top Nutrition has helped me dial in my nutrition. He goes above and beyond and is so kind and patient with me. I am so excited to be working with him this year on my race nutrition as well! I truly feel I am going to have an epic triathlon year because of his help!”
— Katy S.

“Ken is an excellent trainer. I’ve done various types of training with him: boxing, personal defense, overall fitness training and have been cycling with him. Ken’s focus, always, is proper form, having a positive experience and is very easy to work with. His instructions are clear and will answer any questions. Super supportive, too.”
— Traci S.

“I worked with Ken for months leading up to a big race and I couldn’t have been happier! Ken not only made himself available to me whenever I needed it but he had a huge challenge by dealing with me. I was traveling weekly and always in a different part of the country and he still worked around my schedule and made sure I kept on track. Ken was supportive but firm (as we all need) and always encouraging. I’ve recommended him to many others and they’ve had amazing results as well!”
— Melissa D.

“Ken is a man who walks his talk. In addition to being a fantastic martial arts instructor, he is a nationally-ranked triathlete and accomplished dietician and nutritionist. As a result of his wide range of expertise, he was able to answer every fitness/health question I threw at him which I thoroughly appreciated. In addition to being incredibly knowledgeable, Ken is extremely patient and kind. I always left the sessions feeling super motivated. He lives across the country from me now or I would be certainly training with him still. Ken rocks, I highly recommend him!”
— Nakul T.

“Leading up to World’s Toughest Mudder, a 24+ hour endurance event, Ken posted a live FB video discussing nutrition both leading up to the race and during the race. My pit crew and I literally followed his recommendations for carbs, sodium, protein, etc. during the race down to the mg. I never crashed. I never cramped. I felt great. I completed 45 miles officially and continued all 25 hours and 25 minutes. His nutrition guidance played a HUGE role in that achievement. Thank you!”
— Andrea M.

“Coach Ken was very knowledgeable and connected with my teen daughters. He gave them real world situations and showed my girls how to get out of the situation with firmness and grace. The girls are looking forward to the next training session.” - Laura M.
— Laura M.