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Nutrition Counseling

We offer individual dietary counseling in the following areas:

  • Adult weight management
  • GI Disorders
  • Sports Performance

Body Fat Testing

The scale only measures absolute weight. It’s one number that has a lot of unknowns. Body fat testing is useful for athletes, and those engaging in strength training programs. It’s also very important for those seeking to decrease body fat. Body fast testing is used to assess changes in body composition due to diet, training, and changes in body weight. Our Body Fat testing is performed with an InBody, which allows us to easily determine your Lean Body Mass, Total Body Fat, Skeletal Muscle Mass, and Basal Metabolic Rate. Periodic testing of body fat helps to determine your ideal body fat level, and keep in you healthy ranges for performance and overall health.


Insurance does not cover the cost of body fat testing. The cost of the test and analysis of results is $40.00.