Endurance Warrior: Christina Schrenkengaust RD, CSSD

In Episode 12 we introduce Christina Schrenkengaust a U.S. Navy sports dietitian, and endurance warrior. Originally from St. Louis, Missouri, Christina found her way into the Navy as a dietitian through Air Force Reserve Officer Training (ROTC) at St. Louis University. Looking for a big challenge while in college, Christina ran her first marathon and found her love for endurance sports. After several years of racing, and big career moves she began triathlon in 2012 while stationed in Sicily, Italy. 

What makes Christina an endurance warrior is her enthusiastic spirit and character that embodies the tenacity to train and compete. She explains how she battled her own physical and emotional challenges. What it takes to be a warrior is not being better than everyone else, but striving to be the best you can be despite adversities.  Christina embodies the endurance warrior spirit, and is a strong woman and leader. 

Photo credit: Rivo Elvina.

Podcast music by Aaron Kusterer.

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