Episode 6: Finding Purpose in Serving Others

Episode 6: Finding Purpose in Serving Others

Sometimes, who we thought we were, great though it was requires a catalyst to prepare us for something much greater. Ken spent 21 years in the Marine Corps in some of the most prestigious leadership positions. He worked hard, provided a great example for others, and his family to then have it all end. Listen to Ken’s story on how a single moment in time pushed him into the humble and amazing man he is today as part of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes in North Carolina.

Episode 3: Work Life Balance

Show Notes:

Interview with Army veteran, Alexandra Michael. Alex is currently pursuing her PhD in nursing. She’s an Army spouse, mother of two, and an endurance athlete who is a part of US Military Endurance Sports (USMES) and Wear Blue: Run to Remember. Listen in and hear her story on how she balanced career, education, parenthood, and athletics.  


Wear Blue: Run to Remember

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Episode 2: Finding Your Community

Interview with Marine Corps veteran, Tom Hamilton. Tom spent 22 years in the Marine Corps, which consisted of many years in the infantry, time as Drill Instructor, and First Sergeant. His story is similar to so many others, and yet cannot be told enough. Tom was a war fighter and martial artist, but also fought many demons mentally.